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new fosters kitten are settling in well and getting used to the rhythm of life in the kitten room which I like to keep predictable so fosters learn what to expect.


new fosters kitten are settling in well and getting used to the rhythm of life in the kitten room which I like to keep predictable so fosters learn what to expect.

Let the games begin #learningtolove #socializingkittens

Our new fosters are settling in well and getting used to the rhythm of life in the kitten room which I like to keep predictable so fosters learn what to expect.

Now they’ve all picked their favourite safe spaces I’ve started to experiment with which toys they like and discovered the handle of the stick toy is far more popular than the flying toy end which is a bit too frightening for them.

So now I’m using that as a way to play with the kittens from a distance and slowly get closer or encourage brave kittens to get closer to me.

Building trust with nervous kitten is a slow process that takes patience and consistent predictable behaviour but it’s so rewarding when an anxious cat suddenly decides they trust you and comes out of hiding.

I can’t wait to see these cuties out and playing.

How long do you think it will take?🤔💕   @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you’re just not ready to face the world yet #notreadyyet 🙈 #scaredycat

I might not know this little cutie’s name yet but I do know they’re the most nervous of our new fosters.

Our poor little sweetie has had a rough start to their foster journey and hasn’t been well in the last couple of days.

Since the kittens have only just had a vet check I think it’s probably just all the excitment but we’re keeping a close eye on them just in case.

Here’s hoping they’re feeling better soon 🤞💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Who are you calling nervous? #soundupforpurrs 🔊

How cute is nervous kitty Merry Berry? 🤩

This sweet girl starts to purr as soon as she sees a toy and will happily steal it from me if she gets a chance.

Her love of toys has made her the bravest of the kittens and the first to get on the sofa with me to play 🥳

She’s still very nervous when I move and we’re taking it slowly but I can already see the cuddly playful kitty waiting to come out from under all those nerves 🥰

Congratulations to everyone who said the kittens would be out in a few days as they are all now coming out of hiding a little bit even if they don’t stay out for long 🙈

But now that they’re out we’re looking forward to a bit more bravery over the weekend 🤞

Happy Friday/nearly Friday 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can the weekend fun start now? 🥺

Sweet blue tabby foster Bumper really knows how to do the sad hopeful look.

He really wants to be brave and friendly but his nervousness gets in the way at the last minute.

But he is starting to relax a little when I’m in the kitten room and is always interested in whatever I’m up to and when I’ll play with him.

So I’m hopeful we’ll start to see the fun loving happy kitty that I know he can be soon 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Getting braver 😺 #braker

Happy weekend 🎉 Our third foster kitten to get a proper introduction is Braker.

This handsome boy has spent most of the last week hiding in a cat tree but has finally decided to be brave and come out to say hello 🥰

It took me a few attempts to get him on camera as he’s still quite nervous of me and I am much further away from him that it looks on camera.

But we got there in the end and I even got slow blinks so I’m counting it as a win.

Here’s hoping our cute boy will be coming over for cuddles soon 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you just don’t want to get up #jujuberry #notgettingup 😴

Pretty kitty Juju seems to be feeling a bit better and I’m very happy that I don’t have to force her into a vet visit or medication.

I was worried for awhile as her eyes were very runny and she was quite congested but luckily she could still smell well enough to keep eating.

Hopefully she’s now over the worst of her infection and she’ll start to come out and play more 🤞

Happy tabby Tuesday 🐯🧡 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Did we miss twinning it Tuesday? #doubletrouble #twiceascute 🥰

Merry and Bumper are definitely the bravest of our nervous little foster kittens.

They always come out to play with their favourite toy and show their nervous siblings – who are always watching closely – that it’s safe and fun to get closer to me.

They love the toy in this video so much that they both came over to me this morning when they heard the bell playing on my phone.

It did confuse them and make me feel a bit guilty when they realised I didn’t have the real toy with me to play with them but I loved their unexpected visit all the same 😺

Hopefully cuddles will be next 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Is that the weekend I can see? 🧐

How pretty is Merry Berry? I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of her big eyed look 🥰

Sweet little miss Merry has been helping me win her scaredy cat siblings around with her easy purrs and curiosity in whatever I’m doing.

She’s even started to let me fuss her and pick her up occasionally 🥳

When I do she purrs even louder and enjoys it right up until she looks at me, remembers that she’s not sure about me yet and panics 🙄

But hopefully her instincts to panic are fading and her siblings are always curious to see how much she likes the attention so we’re definitely making progress 🎉

Sending our love and kitten purrs to all our friends 💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

The judgement is real 🙄 #fostermomlife #catjudgement

How cute is handsome nervous kitty Bumper trying to work out if he should stick around while I try to say hello to him or not 😸

My sweet boy wants to be friends but is still quite nervous when I fuss him and he prefers when he’s got a clear exit path.

I don’t know the kittens history but Burner interests me as he’s clearly a sibling of the smaller kittens but is estimated to be about 8 weeks older so isn’t a litter mate.

Check out my story to see everyone being brave and out to play 🥳

Bumper is lying down so you can’t really see the size difference but I’m so pleased to have our most nervous kitties Juju Berry and Breaker joining their more adventurous siblings.

I hope all our Aussie friends are safe and dry in this awful storm event 🙏☂️ @nxxbliss.fosters said.

hould I stay or should I go? 😳 #jujuberry #learningtotrust

Cute little nervous kitty Juju Berry is slowly warming up to me and getting better at not running away when I get close.

She is seeing a lot of me this weekend which helps as we’re in the middle of an extreme weather event.

There’s been over 1 metre in rain (a year’s worth) recorded in just a couple of days which has caused flooding across the region.

Thousands of homes flooded so far, tens of thousands without power and many more without water.

With further to go before it passes we’re watching closely and hoping that we can avoid having to pack up all the fosters and residents to go to an evacuation centre 🤞

Our thoughts and love are with those affected by this natural disaster and those impacted by man made events in Ukraine and around the world.

Queensland is used to natural disasters and we are at our best in their aftermath when we come together to rescue and rebuild 💪

Hopefully we can see a bit more of that side of human nature as go through 2022.

Where ever you are and whatever you face I hope you stay safe.

And let’s all try to be a little bit kinder to each other and to the animals we share our world with 💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you’re happy and you know it purr out loud 🥰

It’s been a tense 24 hours here in Brisbane. Our opened elderly neighbour came over to spend the night as she didn’t want to spend the night in her single story house alone.

We spent last night watching the local creek flood properties a few houses away from us and hearing emergency services rescue people from the street behind us.

The rain has been a constant sound for days now and we didn’t know what to expect when we woke up this morning so it was a huge relief to hear bird song again and see the sun shining.

We been really lucky as all the ground water that flooded our garden has drained away and we escaped any influx into the house.

I feel a bit guilty feeling so happy when so many other Queenslanders haven’t been so lucky or are still waiting to see how bad it will be for them but it really is such a relief to be out the other side of this horrific weather.

Our love and thoughts are with all those affected. Stay safe out there 💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Cute toy thief alert 😸

Is it just me or is stealing toys just one of the funniest thing 😆

Our playful little cuties love toys so much that so far they’ve destroyed a sponge, stolen the white board eraser and regularly cover the kitten room in their drinking water.

So I thought it was time to give them a few more toy options and this yellow ball toy seems to be the winner.

The house now has a constant bell sound in the background unless all the kittens are asleep so I’m guessing it’s a hit.

Head over to my story to Merry Berry being the brave kitten to check out the new toy first 😺

Thought and love to all those affected by this terrible weather event. Stay safe out there 💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Does this count as a win? 🤔

With the storms back, wide spread flooding and so much turmoil in the world we’re keen to find our wins where we can here foster land at the moment.

And sweet nervous kitty Merry Berry is keen to give us a reason to smile by slowly getting braver and realising that there are perks to getting close to humans.

As well as starting to enjoy a little fuss Merry decided to see what it would be like to sit on my lap yesterday.

I wasn’t in the best position for her to get comfortable and she only lay down for a few seconds.

But that still counts right? 🤞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

What the fluff was that? 😳 #Braker #soundup 🔊

How cute is Braker? I have to admit I’m completely obsessed with him. Which might have something to do with his attempts to play hard to get 🤔

He’s a sweet and curious little kitty but is still not keen on letting me get close enough to fuss him.

And he’s always the last to join a game of chase the toy with me, usually staying in the background watching his siblings play.

He does watch me very closely when I’m fussing Merry though so I’m hoping he’ll be brave and curious enough to see what all her purring is about soon 🤞

Check out today’s story to see him play with the handle end of the stick toy. Which he seems to perfer to the flying bell covered end 😸

Happy Friday/’nearly Friday 🥳

Stay safe 🐨☂️ @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Have you seen my new pet? Wait, can snakes climb cat trees? 🙈🐍

How cute is little Juju Berry? She’s still not keen on me fussing her yet but I’m loving that she’s starting to purr so much 🥰

We had a bit of excitment in the foster room last night when the kittens found a juvenile snake that had made its way inside to get away from all the recent flooding we’ve had.

Thankfully it was a relatively harmless white crowned snake not a dreaded brown snake but it’s still never fun finding a bunch of kittens trying to work out how to safely play with one.

And luckily for me all the excitment was over and the visitor had already been evicted by the time I arrived to see what all the fuss was about.

Here’s hoping we don’t have any more unexpected visitors for awhile 🤞

Have a great weekend 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Is that my new family I see? 🥳

Sweet former foster Lakitu has been adopted and renamed Nami 🎉

It’s taken a little longer than expected with all our major storms in the past couple of weeks but I’m so happy that Lakitu has finally found her family.

This nervous little cutie took awhile to decide that she liked humans but once she did she turned into such a cuddle bug who loved to curl up on a warm lap and purr away happily.

Congratulations to Nami and her new family. I hope you have a wonderful life together 🤗🎉 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can we make head bopping Monday a thing? #headbop #happycatslife

How cute are Merry and Bumper together?

As the bravest of the kittens these two are often play buddies and will settle close to me to see what today’s game will be.

Having braver kitties in an anxious group always helps as it shows the more nervous kittens that there’s rewards for being brave and they might miss out on the fun if they don’t join in.

Fear of missin out is real even in kittens 😸💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can you watch without yawning? 🤔
Let me know below ⬇️

I have to admit that I can’t. I’ve been yawning so much setting up this video that my eyes are leaking 😭

But how cute are Juju and Braker together?

I love their double decker resting spots and the little conversation they seem to be having.

Let me know if you think they’re saying something else as I’d love to hear your thoughts 😺

I’m off to have a coffee to wake up 😴☕

Happy tabby Tuesday 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Count the kitten time 🎉 How many kitties do you see? 🤔

Sound up for purrs 🔊 (and annoying fan noises – it’s sweltering here in Brisbane at the moment 🥵)

I think this video captures where we’re at in our socialisation of our nervous little kitties.

So from left to right we have:

Merry Berry who is purfectly relaxed with having me so close and wondering whether she’ll get a cuddle soon.

Juju Berry who is still very cautious of me and ready to run if I move too suddenly but keen to let me know she wants to be friends with purrs and slow blinks.

And Bumper who is keen to move forward for attention but hasn’t quite found his confidence yet – but he’s definitely close.

That only leaves cute little Braker who is in the video but keeping his distance.

He always watches and waits for a while before deciding to join the fun while keeping a bit of distance from me.

It’s taking time to win this whole group around but we’re slowly getting there.

Happy whisker Wednesday 🥰💕 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Hey, what ya doing? #merrymerry

Happy little Merry Berry had some excitment yesterday when I let her say hello to my kitties through the screen door.

I wasn’t sure if her nerves would stop her from saying hello but it was her curious friendly side was stronger and she decided to say hello to Tarot.

Everyone else watched on from a distance until Bumper also decided to be brave but Tarot had wandered off by then.

Maybe if future intros go well I can let the kittens out for an explore 🤞

Happy purring purrsday 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

You looking at me? #kittyphotoshoot

I’ve been having some fun with the kittens trying to get some suitable photos for their adoption profile.

Juju (1-3) wasn’t keen at first but I think we got there in the end and I was really happy to capture a couple of Braker (4-5) though I’ll need to get some more.

Happy kitty Merry (6-8) was really easy so I started to have some fun with her while Bumper (9-10) wasn’t convinced so he’s also on the list for another session.

Do you have a favourite?

Happy weekend 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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