This calico cutie is Emma. She thinks it would be fun if we all read Emma together. Who’s in?! 1


This calico cutie is Emma. She thinks it would be fun if we all read Emma together. Who’s in?! @whiskersnpurrs said.


Most of my time in the foster room these days is cleaning and feeding and topical ringworm treatments. I have to remember to stop for cuddles occasionally. They’re all so darn sweet 🥰 @whiskersnpurrs said.

My girls ❤️

Five kittens with different colourings and totally individual personalities. I love how unique each kitten is in a litter. Lizzy is a boss lady, Annie is sweet and gentle, Marianne is so curious, Emma is everyone’s friend, and Fanny is the class clown 😆 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Emma & Lizzie 🌸

They’ve turned into beautiful young ladies overnight! Their calico and tortoiseshell coats are so stunning 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Emma is the whole package. She’s equal parts sassy, sweet and snuggly. And she’s a beauty 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

There’s no such thing as personal space when you have six siblings 🙄 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Pretty sure she’s judging me for not cleaning the windowsills 🙄 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Emma is a work of art 🥰

Full confession: I didn’t get past page 10 of reading Emma. So much for our Jane Austen Book Club! 😆 Did anyone finish?? @whiskersnpurrs said.
Beautiful Emma girl did not have her spay surgery because the vet detected a heart murmur. I’ve had a number of kittens with this over the years so I’m not too worried, it usually sorts itself out with age. The vets won’t put kittens under anaesthesia for surgery when there’s heart issues. So I guess she’ll be staying with us a bit longer! I’m going to hold back Annie to keep her company as she needs to gain some weight anyways ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.
Emma is loving all the one-on-one time she gets now. She was never one to push her way in and compete for attention like the others, so she always hung back and did her own thing. But it turns out she makes delicious biscuits 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mornin’ cuddles with my girls, and The Mittens. Seriously, those things have their own postal code! 😆 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Sharing is caring ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

When I’m not busy fussing with Annie’s oven mitts, you can find me obsessing over Emma’s beautiful face markings 😍

Which is your favourite? @whiskersnpurrs said.


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Annie & Emma ❤️

Foster Dad and I are going on a much needed getaway this week. My neice is coming to stay and love on everybody, so the girls are in very good hands 🙏🏻 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Sundays are for snuggling 🥰 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Maybe I should run her a bath?! 😆 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Kittens are an excellent and cute housefly remedy! Nice to see the girls earning their keep 🪰 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Today I’m thinking about all the animals in shelters and on the street, who deserve to have a lap to cuddle in like these two lucky girls do ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

The girls are confused, and quite frankly a little annoyed, as to why they can’t come with Birdie & I for girl’s weekend getaway. Sorry ladies! 🤷🏼‍♀️

They’ll be going to stay with another foster home for the weekend and I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time. Foster Dad and Milo will stay home and hold down the fort. See you in a few days! 😘 @whiskersnpurrs said.
I’m home. The girls are home. Everyone is happy. All is well ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

I am obsessed with Emma’s colouring *almost* as much as I am with Annie’s thumbs! She is calico, but because her dark bits are tabby striped she’s technically a tabico (some say caliby). Whatever you call her, she’s a beauty 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Emma’s the cutest little troublemaker 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

These two are the sweetest, most well behaved house guests. I still suffer from free-range Bindi trauma so I was nervous about letting the girls into the main house. But I had nothing to worry about, they’re perfect angels 😇 @whiskersnpurrs said.
This mostly good girl has discovered she can jump up on the kitchen counters. Time to hide the butter dish 🙄 @whiskersnpurrs said.

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