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This sweet meow orange fluff is Mulligan – named for the do-over golf shot 3, this guy is getting a second chance!


What a difference a few days makes, huh? This sweet meow orange fluff is Mulligan – named for the do-over golf shot, this guy is getting a second chance!

Upon intake (photos 4-6), this emaciated guy had severe congestion from a URI, swollen eyes, parasites, grimy ears, and black nailbeds. But, after some intensive care with electrolytes, meds, probiotics, and a good scrubbing, he’s looking a whole lot better! I’ve been feeding this thin boy like a neonate, incremental feedings of wet food every couple of hours, because he is literally a skeleton and his body has needed time to get used to consistent sustenance. But…he is making progress! Not only is he gaining weight, but he has had three full, soft solid formed bowel movements (any foster parent knows the proof is in the poop!). His body is learning that food won’t go away and he is slowing down his ravenous tendencies at feeding time.

M is one of the immediately sweetest babies we’ve ever had, despite his rough circumstances. He purrs constantly and desperately wants to put his little body smack dab in your lap all the time. He has the kindest croak of a meow and such a gentle way about him – and he is thriving! His energy honestly surprises me but I am so truly grateful.

A massive thank you to the @feral_cat_coalition for being a safety net for this guy and letting me bring him home ❤ Keep healing, Mulligan! @foster_kitten_factory said.



meow meow meow meow

Someone please tell me how this is the same sick, emaciated fuzzball that I brought home a week ago?!

Mulligan is absolutely thriving and I’m so seriously proud of him. He is the sweetest purr monster and even though he’s still itty bitty, this tiny bean has so much energy! Every time he’s loose from his playpen (every feeding), he does zoomies around the room, chases fingers, and attacks his jingle ball.

Then, he quickly comes back to you for more snuggles and scratches (belly rubs are his kryptonite)! He adores love and is responding to his meds so darn well. Look at those clear eyes! Anyway, just feeling grateful. 💗 Happy #Caturday everyone! @foster_kitten_factory said.


Some silly action shots of Mulligan!

This sweet, hilarious, cuddly dork of a fuzzball is now in the arms of our incredible friend Dr. Kaplan for the next leg of his journey. Today he will be neutered and vaccinated, and soon he’ll be all ready for adoption to an amazing family as adoring as he is 💜

I have so enjoyed being just a small part of M’s little life! I’m so glad that we could take him in even just for a little while and experience his massive love and fighting spirit…his personality is immense and wonderful. This one was special – but let’s be honest, they all are. This kind of transformation is why I do what I do, and why I love it so.

Happy trails to our magnificent Mulligan! 😘 @foster_kitten_factory said.

meow meow meow meow meow meow

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