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Introducing our newest kitten group of fosters pretty mama Cutie Patootie and her seven new born kittens.


What does feeding 7 one day old kittens look like? … A breeze if you’re mama Cutie Patootie 🥰

Introducing our newest group of fosters pretty mama Cutie Patootie and her seven new born kittens.

Cutie’s babies aren’t quite two days old yet and they’ve just spent their first night with us after we picked them up from the shelter yesterday.

Poor Cutie was a bit anxious at seeing her kittens being loaded into a carrier and was trying to move them out as quickly as we put them in but once we got her home she soon settled into her new pen which seems to meet her approval.

Cutie’s pretty kittens are 6 boys and 1 girl with two gingers, two whites, two white and gingers and a chocolate and white.

Everyone was a good size weighing in at between 95 and 120 grams which isn’t bad for such a big litter of kittens.

Hopefully everyone will continue to put on weight well and I’ll be able to do individual intros soon 🤞💖

Happy weekend furends 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Kitten life – Instagram vs. Reality 😂 Sound up for squabbles 🔊

Coparenting with another species is always an interesting experience but Mama Cutie and her babies are settling in well.

After her first night in a fully enclosed pen Cutie explored her new space and decided she was happy for her babies to be moved in a bigger pen she can get in and out of as she likes.

It isn’t easy keeping 7 demanding kittens fed and clean especially with all the squabbles but Cutie is doing a great job and enjoys snuggling into her mama only bed space within the pen when she needs a little break.

Great job Cutie 🥰💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

How cute are my babies? Sound up for purrs and wait for the smile at the end 😁💕

Mama Cutie Patootie had a busy day yesterday when we brought her and all her babies off to a vet check at the @awlqld

I had noticed a bit of sneezing when she first arrived and given her a steam session yesterday morning to help with her breathing and she was still eating well.

So I knew she could smell her food but when I checked on her later on she was open mouth breathing so off to the vet’s we went.

Our lovely vets gave her an antibiotic injection that lasts two weeks so hopefully she will start to feel better soon.

Check out my story if you want to see what her breathing was like.

The vets were also impressed with how well all 7 kittens are doing and how much weight they’d put on in a couple of days.

Everyone is managing 10 to 15g of weight gain a day which is an amazing gain across such a big litter and nicely over the target daily amount I like to see.

Keep up the great work Cutie and hopefully you’ll be feeling better and breathing more easily soon 🤞💕 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can you move your paw a bit? It would make a great pillow #kittenlife #cuddletime

Sweet mama Cutie is still struggling with her infection while her antibiotic medication kicks in and is struggling to be able to smell, and as a result eat, her wet food.

She seems to recognize that it should be food but without being able to smell it won’t risk eating it in case it’s spoilt.

Luckily she also visually recognizes her dry food and seems less worried about any risks with that so has started to rely heavily on it.

She’s also getting used to steam sessions to help open her airways but she is definitely not fond of them and won’t stay still for long so this morning we upgraded to a bathroom steam session instead.

Hopefully being able to keep her in steamy air for longer will have helped and allow her some breathing relief while the medication does its thing 🤞💕 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

How many kittens can you count? 🤔💖

Welcome to my world which involves doing a kitty head count everytime I visit the kitten room.

We’ve just dropped mama Cutie and her babies back to the shelter so the fantastic vet team at @awlqld can monitor them during the day.

Cutie’s breathing has improved but she still sounds terrible and isn’t eating wet food. Thankfully she is eating dry food and drinking kitten formula.

More worrying is that two of her kittens, the little boy and girl white kittens, are also showing signs of having trouble breathing and are not feeding well.

They’re now visibly smaller than their chubby brothers and I’m having to watch at feeding time to make sure they’re getting fed. It’s been a bit of a struggle to get them to latch or to take supplement formula but both fed from Cutie last night and the boy fed this morning.

So everyone gets to spend their Friday at the vet’s and hopefully they’ll come back feeling a bit better 🤞💙

P.S. Please ignore my terrible sewing, on a very old but foster favourite bed. If I had of know I’d eventually be sharing it with the world I would have made neater stitches and used a less obvious thread 😂

Happy Friday/nearly Friday 💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Make room for me #comingthrough #oneweekold

Everyone is settling back in after spending yesterday at the vet’s and thankfully both of our white kittens who have been struggling to put on weight were given the all clear by the vet team.

I was particularly worried about the only girl of the group – the little white kitty who I’ve named Elise – as she is now much smaller looking than everyone else.

As you can see she was the first to get a visit from the eyeball fairy though and while she’s not gaining weight as I’d like I am happy the vet’s aren’t worried about her.

Mama Cutie is now on some more meds and starting to sound much better already so hopefully she’s be feeling better as well soon.

Check out my story to see Cutie and Elise having a sweet mama daughter cuddle moment together.

Happy weekend everyone 🤗💕 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Anyone speak cat? We need a translator #chattycats 🔊⬆️

Sweet mama Cutie is quite a chatty kitty and now that she’s feeling a bit better she doesn’t sound nearly as bad when she tries to talk.

Her kittens are all very vocal too and there’s often a lot of complaining going on as everyone tries to find space in their little sleeping spot.

Please keep our only girl baby Elise in your thought and send positive thoughts her way. She is still showing no interest in feeding and I’m struggling to stop her losing even more weight.

It’s not a good day to be having that sort of battle as it’s one year today that I lost my beautiful Tig who I’d raised from a 3 week old bottle baby so any extra love you could send our way to help us get though would be so gratefully received.

Everyone else is doing really well with 5 of the boys at the 200g mark already. Amazing for one week olds so that is something positive to hold onto and be grateful for 🙏💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Hey keep the noise down I’m trying to sleep #Mondayface #Darby

📢 Kitten update: everyone is home and looking much better 🤗💕

Introducing grumpy ginger and white boy Darby who you can tell from his similar looking brother because of their different shaped white patch on their faces.

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and positive thought for our little girl Elise. We had a hard night of trying to keep her comfortable and get some formula into her and while she’s not in a good place she is thankfully still with us this morning.

She and a couple of her brothers seem to have the same infection as mama Cutie who thankfully is doing better on her new meds.

I’m unusually glad it’s Monday as it means we can all head back to the shelter vets later this morning when the shelter opens.

Wish us luck that it goes well for us 🙏💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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