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this kitten still incredibly underweight for his age but his eye meds and antibiotics are helping him to look and feel far better than he did.


The messy eater club has a new kitten member #raven #tinykitten

Our tiny little fighter Raven has hit a couple of important milestones in time last day.

He’s eaten his first pieces of solid food from a bowl instead of mushed up with formula.

And he’s finally hit the 300g mark 🎉

He’s still incredibly underweight for his age but his eye meds and antibiotics are helping him to look and feel far better than he did.

And how cute are those baby blue eyes 🥰

Happy weekend 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Close up cuteness with Raven

How much better does our cute little battler Raven look?

We’ve had a rough few days since our last update with Raven having coughing fits and struggling to take his bottle feeds on Monday.

But after lots of steam sessions we finally got his airways clear enough for him to take his food.

He even got better at eating solid food and it’s showing on the scales with a massive 70g increase in two days.

And doesn’t he look much better now his eyes and face sore have cleared up 🎉

Check out mama Stella trying to encourage him to join the milk bar in today’s story.

Unfortunately he had just finished a bottle feed but he joined the family for a cuddle and bath 🥰

I’m really hoping we’re past the worst with him now even 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Messy kitten cuteness 🤩 #raven

After his rough start our tiny sick kitty Raven has put on 100g in the last few days 🥳

He’s still getting used to not being bottle fed ever few hours but is makes up for it by burying his face into his wet food at feeding time.

He hasn’t quite worked out how to pick up and chew his food yet and prefers to try to suck it instead.

It’s quite a messy way to eat but it seems to be working for him so I’m not complaining.

Happy weekend 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Cuddle buddy cuteness 🥰
#dew #raven #cuddlesandkisses

Our cute kitties had a pen upgrade yesterday to give them some more room to bounce around.

They also got a scratcher to play with that Raven and Dewclaimed straight away but Mist and Foggarty thought looked scary.

Everyone eventually started to play but kept falling into their water bowl and rolling the scratcher over on top of each other.

So to stop anyone getting hurt I swapped it out for something more stable but a bit less fun.

Check out my story to see them enjoy the scratcher while they could.

Raven was playing as well but was over to the side cleaning himself after landing in water 🙊

Happy cuddly buddy Tuesday 😽 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Lip snacking good. Can I have some? #raven #tuxedokittensofinstagram

After doing so well to recover from his flu our little battler Raven is feeling sick again.

He hasn’t been putting on much weight in the last few days and yesterday wouldn’t eat any dinner.

I finally managed to get him to eat after a steam session to clear his breathing and he ate a bit once he could smell it again.

He was alert and keen for breakfast this morning and had put on a few grams so I’m hoping he’ll recover quickly but keep your paws crossed for him.

I couldn’t decide between two clips of raven today so you get a double dose of tuxie cuteness with the other clip inp my story. If you have a favourite let me know. @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Happy weekend and I hope all our Aussie furends are keeping safe in this wet weather 🤗☂️

Wanna catch some sun with Raven? 🌞

Thanks for all the well wishes for tiny little Raven who is yet again battling flu and congestion issues after all our wet weather.

He’s still quite snuffly but is eating and put on a decent 30g overnight 🎉

We were lucky to get our first sunshine in over a week yesterday we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon outside letting Raven soak up the rays.

He wasn’t very impressed with having to stay on the sofa but he’s not vaccinated yet and too tiny and fragile to risk letting him explore.

He did still seemed to enjoy himself though and I always think sunshine is so good at clearing up winter bugs.

So the battle to keep him in one spot was worth it.

If you want to see how difficult it is to keep Raven still check out my story where poor mama Stella is trying to say hello and give him a bath while he keeps wandering off 🙄

Here’s hoping he keep improving and putting on weight🤞

Happy new week lovely furends 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Need a cuteness boost? 🔊

It’s election day here in aus and after 6 weeks of wall to wall coverage I thought a bit of mana stella and baby Raven cuteness was needed.

Raven is still a bit sneezy but has put on an impressive 70g in the last two days 🥳

At 650g he’s finally starting to look less fragile and is loving all the freedom of the kitten room. Even climbing the cat tree that looks way too high for him.

Mama Stella is still keeping a close eye on things and often comes over to check out what I’m doing when I’m playing with her babies.

Check out today’s story to see her photobombing raven and Mist 😄

Happy weekend everyone and stay sane Australia, we’re nearly there 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Want a free belly rub? This belly won’t rub itself 😺 #bellyrubsplease #raven

How cute is little tuxie raven asking for belly rubs?

He was suprised I managed to resist while filming his cuteness. And I could almost hear him asking what the wait was for 🙄

Everyone’s favourite little sick kitty is still putting on weight each day but isn’t enjoying all the wet weather we’re having here in Brisbane.

It meant that yesterday he had to have a steam session to help clear his congestion.

But it seemed to help and his breathing sounding far better afterwards.

I’m hoping to get him and everyone else a vet appointment later this week so he can get a check up and hopefully his first vaccination which should help.

Until then he’s available for belly rubs if you’re interested 😽💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

What ya doing? Can I play too?

After saying goodbye to their three hyper siblings Raven and Ranger are getting used to having the foster room to themselves and to a much quieter life.

But our cute black and white boys are adjusting well and making the most of the extra space to run around without crashing into someone.

The quieter feeding time seems to be a hit too with our little kitties being able to eat without being harassed but their faster eating bigger siblings.

Hopefully we’ll notice the difference on the scales soon 🤞

Happy new week furends 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you can hear your imaginary friends 🙈 #raven

It seems like it’s taken forever but little cutie raven is finally past the 900 grams mark 🎉

He just needs another 100g before he’s big enough to be adopted but we’ll keep him for a bit longer than that while we wait for Ranger to also pass the 1kg mark.

There’s been a lot of times when I didn’t think we’d get this far and raven is still getting daily meds but our little man is growing up 🥳

Happy tiny tuxie whiskers Wednesday 😽💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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