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Introducing Florence and her 3 kitten babies! They were surrendered to our rescue,


Introducing Florence and her three kitten babies! They were surrendered to our rescue, along with another mom and single cat(more on them in a separate post).

Florence ate and used the litterbox after 24 hours of arriving, which is a great sign of settling in. However, she seems very scared of me, so I’m leaving them alone except for weighing the kittens once a day.

Can you guess the name theme based on the name I choose for mom?

A request: I’d appreciate it if we could refrain from speculating about why Florence would be scared if she had a home, and why the mom cats were surrendered. There are so many different possibilities, and we can never know unless we’ve walked in that person’s shoes. Thanks ❤️ @fosterkittendiary said.

Names! The theme is “places in Florence”. So mama is Florence, and babies are:

1) Boboli = tabby girl (Boboli Gardens)
2) Fiore = calico girl (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore)
3) Arno = gray boy (Arno River)

You might say I’m obsessed with Italy 😹 @fosterkittendiary said.


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These are our beautiful mamas. Florence is the Torbie, and Chiodo is the tuxedo. Three of the 4 week old cats belong to Florence, and the little 3 week old tuxedo is Chiodo’s. Florence nurses all of them because Chiodo wasn’t producing milk. But as you can see, she still does her part taking care of the family 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.


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