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Have you ever seen kitten such perfect little angel babies?!🥹😇🥰 • Bunny & Otter are doing great! They no longer have diarrhea, (update)


Have you ever seen kitten such perfect little angel babies?!🥹😇🥰

Bunny & Otter are doing great! They no longer have diarrhea, their URI has almost completely resolved, their fecal scald is almost fully healed, Bunny’s rectal prolapse has completely healed, Otter’s head abscess is starting to shrink, and they are eating great and gaining weight!🥳👏🙏

They are both starting to get playful and wrestle with each other🥹 Otter is my chatty boy who responds when I talk to him and lets me know what he wants😻 Bunny is my little roly poly girl who loves belly rubs🥰

They both love to be held and kissed and give kisses back😭 And they both purr endlessly🥰

We are getting x-rays done for both Bunny and Otter next week🩻 And they are both scheduled for physical therapy evaluations in 2 weeks!🥳

Their vet bills are already adding up, so if you can donate towards their care, that would be so helpful!!🙏❤️ Thank you everyone who has already donated, prayed for, and sent love to these babies🥰 And please continue to do so!😻 @babykittenrescue said.

Otter is such a lover🥹 He loves giving kisses and he looks straight into your eyes when you talk to him😭🥰 @babykittenrescue said.

Bunny purring and making biscuits is the sweetest thing you’ll see today🥹😻🥰 @babykittenrescue said.

Otter’s little smiling milk mouth is the sweetest🥹🍼🥰 @babykittenrescue said.
Big purrs from a very tiny kitten named Bunny🥹🥰🐇

Bunny is the happiest girl!! She’s literally always purring🥹

This girl is pure joy and love😻 I feel so honored to get to care for her🥰 @babykittenrescue said.

We need donations for our very special foster kittens, Bunny & Otter!😻🙏

Bunny & Otter both have congenital limb abnormalities. Bunny is missing both of her front arms and Otter is missing parts of his front paws.❤️

Otter may also have hydrocephalus or some other abnormality of the head or central nervous system. His head is disproportionately large which also causes his eyes to bulge. He also has an abscess on the top of his head that may be related.❤️

Bunny & Otter are scheduled for x-rays this coming week, Physical Therapy Evaluations next week, and will likely need further services and specialty vet appointments. So we are trying to raise enough money to cover the cost of their care🙏

Bunny & Otter are both the SWEETEST babies! They are happy and healthy, despite their congenital abnormality. They are both so full of love and joy! They love to give kisses, nuzzle your face, and purr endlessly anytime you hold them🥹

They deserve the support and services needed to help them survive and thrive!💪😻☀️ Please help us help them by donating towards their care🙏 @babykittenrescue said.

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