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this kitten drives me crazy, and I love her to bits. Basically we’re an old married couple 🤷🏼‍♀️ (update)


this kitten drives me crazy, and I love her to bits. Basically we’re an old married couple 🤷🏼‍♀️ (update) @whiskersnpurrs said.
Sometimes you just need a little cuddle 🥰 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Bindi got her cuddles ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.
My problem child was back at the vet today. She’s had a persistent raspy cough ever since her spay surgery. The vet prescribed a two week course of antibiotics, so guess who isn’t leaving… again! 🤦🏼‍♀️ @whiskersnpurrs said.
I’ve got a lap full of love 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Someone wrote recently that they found my videos of stroking purring kittens very soothing and therapeutic. So here’s some of that for you all. You’re welcome ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

When your awkward preteen turns 16 and is suddenly a gorgeous young woman 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
I’m posting this for me. So next time she chews a blind cord, tears wallpaper or knocks something breakable off the counter for the eleventy billionth time, I have a reminder that she can also be very sweet 😩 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Pretending like she wasn’t just shredding the fern two seconds ago 🙄 @whiskersnpurrs said.
She loves him so ❤️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

The girls are going to the adoption centre today, and I’m really hoping that they will get scooped up quickly. Our rescue shuts down adoptions over the holiday so if the girls don’t get adopted this weekend, that means they’ll be coming back to me until January 😳

Sorry for the short notice, I know it’s a shock. You all thought they would be here forever didn’t you?! It’s been a marathon with this group. I just got word yesterday that they could go to the adoption centre and I didn’t want to say anything lest I jinx it. To be honest I’m a little worried even writing this… 😆

I’ll do a quick goodbye livestream very shortly so turn on notifications if you don’t want to miss it! #Yogakittens🙏🏻 @whiskersnpurrs said.
The final (hopefully) Goodbye Yoga Kittens livestream! @whiskersnpurrs said.


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Can you believe that Bindi has had zero applications for adoption?! I’m so heartbroken for my sassy girl 😢

I visited the girls yesterday at the adoption centre because I got word that they were stressed. I stayed an hour and gave them lots of cuddles and they relaxed. Bindi was purring and making biscuits. I was so shocked that my fearless outgoing girl was so shut down.

Ananda has had applications so she will likely be going home today. But please can everyone help me manifest the perfect adopter for Bindi? Applicants need to be local (central Vancouver Island) 🙏🏻 #adoptme @whiskersnpurrs said.
She’s baaaaack!! 😳

Is anyone really surprised by this?! Bindi is back to stay with us over the holidays because the adoption centre will be closed now until January. Ananda was adopted, I’ll give you details when I have some to share.

I’m certain the right adopter will turn up for Bindi, she just needed more time. If you’re local you can still apply for her, just send me an email (not a DM-I won’t see it). She’s been an absolute doll since she got home and we are happy to have her. But please hear me when I say this… WE ARE NOT KEEPING HER! 😆 @whiskersnpurrs said.

For those asking how Milo feels about Bindi’s return… I believe his feelings are mixed 😆 @whiskersnpurrs said.

We’re having a lazy cozy Christmas Eve ❄️❄️❄️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

Meowy Christmas kitten lovers! We hope you’re all having a wonderful day wherever you are. It’s very cozy here in our winter wonderland. The snow just keeps falling ❄️❄️❄️

Santa totally spoiled Bindi with a Meowbox! She loved it, and even let Milo have the catnip candy cane 🥰

Thank you @Meowbox for teaming up with the big man 🎅🏼 to make Bindi’s first Christmas extra special. If you want to spoil your own kitty with a #Meowbox use code WHISKERSNPURRS15 for a discount 🙏🏻 @whiskersnpurrs said.

This is what Bindi is up to this Boxing Day 😂

These amazingly resilient little birds are Anna’s hummingbirds. They overwinter here in the Pacific Northwest instead of migrating south as it is usually very mild weather. They only started sticking around in winter around 60 years ago when people began planting ornamentals in their gardens that provided food sources, as well as putting out feeders.

This cold snowy spell we are having is not typical and I feel so bad for them. Wrapping the feeder in incandescent lights keeps the nectar from freezing. They feed heavily during the day, then at night they hunker down and go into a mini hibernation. @whiskersnpurrs said.

Bindi is a big fan of snow days 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Besties 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Cat pajama fort 😍 @whiskersnpurrs said.
Soooooo tall! @whiskersnpurrs said.

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