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New foster kitten Introducing the latest additions to our foster family Goomba, Monty and Lakitu.


New foster kitten Introducing the latest additions to our foster family Goomba, Monty and Lakitu.

⚠️ New foster alert ⚠️

Introducing the latest additions to our foster family Goomba, Monty and Lakitu.

These three cuties are 16 weeks old and have been in foster care before but have come to us for a bit of extra socialisation because they’re still quite nervous.

Goomba, the ginger girl with tabby dots is the most friendly (and a little goofy) while Monty is the ginger boy with tabby swirls.

Silver tabby girl Lakitu was the most nervous of me when she arrived and it took me ages to check out her unusual ginger patches.

Check out my story to see me try say hello to them all when they arrived 🙄

Hopefully they’ll all settle in soon. Happy new week everyone 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Go away! Important cat business going on 😼#Monty #Goomba

Our nervous kitties are settling in well and if you listen closely you might even be able to hear them purr when the fan goes quiet 🥰

Monty the tabby swirl kitty nearest to the camera still sometimes panics when I get close to him but he likes to sit behind me on the sofa and play with my hair.

Check him out in today’s story to see his ‘don’t come any closer unless you have food’ face 🙈

Everyone is getting plenty of time in the outside area so hopefully it will help to build their confidence soon 🤞💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Weekend plans? Let’s just chill 😎 #lakitu #weekendvibes

Sweet little Lakitu is a secret cuddly kitty under all her nervous and loves to rub against my legs and cuddle my feet when she wants to show me some love.

The outside time seems to be doing her good too as she’s not so jumpy at loud noises now and has even let me pick her up a couple of times for a quick cuddle 🥰

Check her out playing outside in today’s story and see if you can spot her cute ginger patches

Happy weekend 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

ell Monday to talk to the paw 🤚 #notomondays #noselfies

Goofy Goomba is keeping me busy with her high energy full speed nature including escaping into the garage this morning.

Her in your face approach isn’t going down well with my calico Tarot as Goomba runs up to say hello and then hisses in Tarot’s face 🙄

I haven’t managed to catch it on camera as I’m always too far away but it does end in Goomba losing outdoor privileges so I’m hoping she makes the connection soon and stops 🤞

Today’s story is a special request by @simifriedmanphoto so go check it out

Happy new week furends 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

I wanna hold your hand 🥰
#goomba #lakitu

How cute are our two girls together? They’re such cuddle bugs and are slowly getting cuddly with me.

They now happy to sit on my lap for a little while before running off to play and Lakitu has discovered she likes to be brushed.

All three kittens are full of energy and making lots of crashing noises in the foster room after a few days of not being allowed out so they’re looking forward to a bit more freedom this weekend if the weather’s nice 🤞

Happy Friday/nearly Friday 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Smile if you’re happy it’s the weekend 😸 #happycat #goomba

Pretty little ginger girl Goomba is such a happy kitty and knows how to enjoy herself whatever she’s doing.

She’s full of energy and mischief. And so far she is resisting my attempts to calm down some of her more annoying habits like jumping on my head and pulling my hair.

But it’s hard to be annoyed with her when she’s so full of love and wants to show it 🥰

So I guess I’ll have to put up with a bit of hair pulling till I convince her there’s better ways to show me some love 😸

Happy weekend 🥳💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Me trying to avoid Monday 🙈

Happy new week. I hope yours starts better than Monty’s did.

He did have a good weekend though and after spending sometime in the outside space while a loud lawnmower was working near by he decided he would cuddle into me for the first time.

I must have done an acceptable job of making him feel safe as afterwards I was rewarded with a little belly rub 🥳

It’s the little moments that feel so good 🥰

Have a great week 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

How do you switch it on? #lakitu #pamperme

Pretty little Lakitu is turning into quite a chatty kitty and likes to let me know when she’s not happy with the amount of attention she’s getting.

But she’s been getting extra attention lately since a pink sore appeared on her face as I’ve been making sure it isn’t changing in size or shape.

So far it seems to just be an a surface scratch that is starting to clear up and with all the rough playing this group is doing I’m suprised they aren’t covered in more scratches.

She will be getting a vet check later this week though so if it is something more serious we’ll find out then.

We have our paws crossed that it’s just a scratch 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

🎉It’s kitten bowl time🎉 #goomba

Cheeky ginger girl Goomba had so much fun learning how to get in the kitten bowl that I had to share a compilation of her figuring it out.

Like everything my exuberant little kitty does she was determined to work it out. Even if it took her awhile to figure out how not to rock it on the rubber mat I put down to make it more stable.

She had so much fun I felt guilty putting it away when she was finished 😸

Hope you enjoyed seeing her having fun as much as I did 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Some Monty magic to fill your Purrsday with love 🔊 for purrs 🥰

How gorgeous is Monty with his distinctive stripes. I have to confess I’m completley smitten with him 🤩

Admittedly I have a weakness for nervous cats and while lots of people gravitate to the outgoing confident kitties like Goomba I always find myself giving them a quick hello before moving past them to reassure their nervous friends they are safe.

There’s something so rewarding about winning around a nervous kitty and seeing their true personality come through.

And my little Monty has turned into the sweetest boy who knows how to behave nicely around my kitties.

Saying goodbye to nervous kitties is always so much harder as they are often overlooked in shelters.

But kitties like Monty are definitely worth the extra time to win around and once you do they’ll really reward you for it 🥰

Is your furry friend an introvert or extrovert? Let me know below ⬇️

Happy purrsday 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Where did everyone go? 🙈

Our sweet nervous kitties Goomba, Lakitu and Monty have returned to the shelter to find their new families.

They’re available for adoption from the @awlqld Willawong rehoming centre on Brisbane southside.

Our three cuties arrived a few weeks ago in need of a confidence boost and turned out to be very cuddly sweet kittens under their nerves.

Hopefully some lucky humans will see past their shelter nerves and get to know the affection kitties that will make wonderful new family members.

Have wonderful lives sweeties #iwillloveyouforever 🥰💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can I interest you in a kitten kiss to start the week? #Goomba

Pretty ginger girl Goomba has been adopted 🥳🎉

I love starting the week with an adoption and it’s so nice to know that our little goofy fun loving Goomba is settling into her new home and getting to know her new family.

It’s unusual to get full ginger girl cats and Goomba really knew how to get attention with her cuddly nature and high energy antics.

I hope her new family are ready for all the fun they’re about to have 😆

Have a wonderful life sweetie #iwillloveyouforever 🥰💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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