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Meet kitten Bean. Bean and his sister Jelly came into animal control yesterday at only 1 day old.


Meet kitten Bean. Bean and his sister Jelly came into animal control yesterday at only 1 day old. They weighed in at 85 grams on intake, a low birth weight for a newborn kitten. Their mom is MIA.

Bean latched on to the syringe after a few tries. His sister did not. She never latched on and ended up having to be tube fed throughout the night. Despite critical care, she did not survive. Both Bean and Jelly had bruised noses (likely from birth), but Jelly’s bruising was far worse and I fear that whatever she went through before entering AC was too traumatic for her already frail body.

Bean is tiny and now sadly alone in the incubator (other than a snuggle puppy). We are taking this one feeding at a time. I have guarded hope for this little panther.♥️ @whiskersnpurrs said.

I took this video in the morning so that I could make a “Bean is doing great!” post but as the day went on hike was hit with some pretty bad diarrhea. At 5 days old, diarrhea is most commonly caused by an imbalance of healthy gut flora. Sooo he gets probiotics and electrolytes in his formula.

I can’t make a “he’s doing great post” but I can make a “he’s doing pretty good other than this one thing” post! @whiskersnpurrs said.

Look who has eyeballs!! He’s so little for his age that I forgot he was already ten days old. He may be small, but he has a big appetite (and voice).♥️ @whiskersnpurrs said.


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Volume up for the loudest purrs from the smallest kitten! Bean is a little over 2 weeks old now and weighs in at 170 g. A bit small for his age, but he’s a big eater with a lot of energy! He’s got a list of minor health concerns, mainly his lack of a consistently good poop, but thankfully nothing super concerning at this time. He’s an odd but adorable little kitten (just my type). @whiskersnpurrs said.

A few things about Bean that I (mostly) love:

1. He’s small for his age but not underweight. Just a compact little kitten.

2. He has the loudest voice of any kitten I’ve ever fostered. Everyone knows who he is and he makes sure of it.

3. He is always enthusiastic about food. Always. He would eat every hour if I had the sanity for it.

4. He has dry skin so he needs epsom salt soaks every night…and he loves them. I hold him in the warm water and he goes silent. He’s a big fan.

5. When he finishes his bottle he makes a noise that is something between a chirp and a purr. Maybe a kind of mrrow. @whiskersnpurrs said.

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