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After a couple of very early starts all of our little kitten have now opened their eyes and are getting used to the new sensation. (update)


little kitten have now opened their eyes

Hey stop that tickles 😹

After a couple of very early starts all of our little kitties have now opened their eyes and are getting used to the new sensation.

They’re also starting to try clean themselves, which is always fun to see, but haven’t quite worked out how to coordinate between their heads and the body parts to be washed.

Check out cute tortie girl Tora being the first kitten to give it a try in my story to see what I neem 😂

Happy tongue out Tuesday 🤪💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Get off I’m trying to sleep 🙈💤

Our little kitties are getting far more active and vocal, including scratching against the side of the box to make lots of strange noises.

They’re also slowing down in how well they’re doing with weight gain with some kitties only gaining a few grams across 24 hours.

Luckily so far it’s been different kittens each day so I’m hoping they’re just adjusting to having less room at the milk bar but I’m keeping a close eye on them.

Fingers crossed it’s just a blip 🤞💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Lining up for cuddles. Want to join in? #mamalovesyou 💖

I’ve said it before but coparenting with another species is a special feeling and provides interesting challenges to be solved.

Yesterday mama Lillian decided she no longer liked the pen her babies spent their first 10 days in and decided to move them to the other birthing spot I had set up for her.

Unfortunately that one didn’t please her either so she tried to move everyone behind the sofa.

So I arranged her orginal pen to remove the big cardboard box and give her a set up more suited to older baby kittens.

That stopped the babies making noise against the box which will hopefully help them settle to sleep a bit quicker.

Lilli had to learn how to get in and out of her new pen by jumping over the sides and I was very nervous about where the babies might be this morning.

But so far so good and Lilli seems happy with her new option.

Here’s hoping it stays that way till I need to make the pen bigger when the babies need more room 🤞💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you’re not a morning person…wait for the catitude 😄

Happy Friday everyone 🤗💖

Little Kalena is acting like she’d like everyone to leave her alone while she sleeps.

But she quickly realised yesterday that life is better with company when I found her in the pen on her own trying to figure out where everyone else had gone.

It took me awhile to figure out that Lilli had moved everyone else to her safe spot behind the bench and poor kalema was the last on the list to be moved.

So I’ve made some more adjustments to the pen and sprayed some cat calming liquid around the place to try help lilli realize that all the neighbourhood noises are nothing to worry about.

Lilli seems to be reacting well to the changes so hopefully it will be third time lucky 🤞

Happy Friday / nearly Friday everypawdy 😸💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Bathtime cuddles 🥰

We had a big win yesterday with our little kitties starting to put on weight again after a few days of nearly no change in their weights while mama Lillian was feeling anxious about all the new construction noises.

Now that she’s happier with the kitten’s new accommodation she’s back to spending more time in the pen with them and it’s starting to show on the scales.

It’s not easy for her to feed so many kittens at once so she likes to do it in shifts and extra time with them helps make sure everyone has a full belly before they sleep.

Here’s hoping we’re now back on track and we’ll get back to the steady increases we were getting last week 🤞

Happy weekend everyone 💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.


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Anyone seen my mama? I’m starving 🥺 #raff

Cute chatty Raff is our little kitty who opened his eyes at one day old.

He’s claimed another first for my fosters by still having his cord attached even though he’s over two weeks old.

So far it hasn’t looked red or inflamed but we have a vet appointment today to make sure he doesn’t have a hernia before it’s removed.

I’m hopeful that it’s just a stubbornly attached cord and the early eye opening wasn’t a sign he was in pain but we’ll have to wait and see.

Please keep little Raff in your thoughts and wish us luck 🤞💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Morning kitten kisses 😚

Little Raff’s vet visit when well yesterday with the lovely @awlqld team confirming that Raff didn’t have a hernia and removing his stubborn remaining piece of umbilical cord

If you look closely you might be able to see it before it was removed in this video.

Thanks for all the well wishes, I’m so glad Raff doesn’t have any complications and he’s cord has been removed before his siblings get to the playful stage 😁

Happy tiny whiskers Wednesday everyone 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Any tips on how to get them to sleep? 🥺

Poor mama Lillian got a bit of a shock yesterday when her 2 week old kittens decided they were old enough to start playing after feeding time instead of going straight to sleep.

It’s fun to see the kittens hitting their development milestones early but I do feel sorry for my poor confused Lillian as I don’t think our sweet mama is ready for her babies to grow up so fast 🥰 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Hey stop that tickles 🙈💝 # Ruri #Esmee #lilli

Ginger cutie Ruri and sweet little Esmee seem to think they’re too old to washed by mama Lillian.

I doubt they’ll manage to convince Lilli though so they may as well get used to it even if they both do look like they’re saying ‘mum you’re embarrassing me’ 😫

Our six little cuties are three weeks old today so we’ve hit the fun active but uncoordinated stage 😂

Happy weekend 🤗💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

What? Monday already? 🙈 #Kalena #batgirl

The new week is off to a kitten squealing start here in Brisbane with mama Lillian deciding I was taking too long to upgrade the kittens pen to reflect their big kitten status as three week olds.

So yesterday I found everyone piled up in a heap on the much too small base of the cat tree with free range access to the kitten room.

I figured Lilli decided to move them out of the pen so she can start to teach them to cat so I’ve made it bigger and included a tiny litter tray, some water and a bowl of dry food lilli can eat in front of the kittens.

Lilli gave everything a full inspection and it seemed to pass so I moved everyone back in and so far they’re still there.

Hopefully she’ll leave it that way until we can get them through the messy weaning and toilet training stage, which won’t start for another few weeks, but we’ll have to wait and see how lilli feels 🤔

Happy new week and wish us luck 🤞💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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