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Finally cat booboo. Little black bear cub is cat BooBoo.


Finally. Little black bear cub is cat BooBoo.

Name announcement. Finally.
Little black bear cub is BooBoo. Dating myself with that one.
Grey and white is Charlie. He is almost a mini version of my sweet 15 year old lovebug, Charlotte (@charlottesnewlife) who celebrated her 6th adoptiversary a few days ago. @cats.on.the.island said.


Flailing and slow motion clumsiness. @cats.on.the.island said.

First toys😍
I haven’t posted about Rafi’s kittens lately because I was worried about them. BooBoo suddenly started losing weight and was very dehydrated. It can happen so quickly!. I took him into the SPCA where he got some fluids and I got some advice. I think Rafi isn’t keen on this motherhood thing. It was strange that Charlie was still gaining when BooBoo was losing but then he started losing weight as well. I rarely saw Rafi nursing so I have taken over feeding them both. Thankfully she still bathes and potties them!
The last few days have been tough. I’m very tired, not just from the feeding schedule but how drained I get from worrying.
I think Charlie will be fine. He licks food from my finger and sometimes from the dish. I still have to syringe feed BooBoo and it’s often a struggle. I am still quite worried about him. I am worried that there is a hidden issue.
Seeing them play for the first time is so wonderful! Whatever happens, at least they are happy. @cats.on.the.island said.

Views through the glass door. @cats.on.the.island said.

Miniature wrestling. @cats.on.the.island said.

Charlie and BooBoo are both doing really well. Bright eyed, playful, and litter box trained!!! @cats.on.the.island said.
Feeding BooBoo used to be such a struggle! The more strength he gained the harder he fought it. The last 2 days he has been great with it. He chews on the syringe as you can see. About 16 seconds after this video he started licking food off my finger for the first time. That’s how I feed Charlie. Next step is transitioning them to a dish and keeping Rafi from stealing their food! @cats.on.the.island said.

BooBoo plays with Momma Rafi’s tail. @cats.on.the.island said.

Imma big boi. I use my momma’s litter box. I don’t need a baby box. Coz imma big boi. @cats.on.the.island said.

Scratchies like big bois. @cats.on.the.island said.

BooBoo plays with my hoodie string while Charlie climbs up a level on the cat tree in the background. I almost missed it! @cats.on.the.island said.

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