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A few weeks ago we were informed of kittens at the apartment complex where Stevie (and many other orangies) came from.


A few weeks ago we were informed of kittens at the apartment complex where Stevie (and many other orangies) came from. Despite many attempts over the years, we have not been able to get her mom. Working a colony of this size doesn’t come easily and while we will not stop until we TNR every last kitty there, we are thankful that in the past 2 years only 6 kittens have been picked up, as opposed to the 20+ that were once there.

Originally we thought these kitties were too old to be anything but TNR candidates. These stinkers had other plans – they are too sick for spay/neuter, plus they are also sweeties.

It is no secret that Saving Stevie has been closed for intake for a few months, but when kitties from the genesis of your rescue need help, you help them.

We are so thankful to Jesse + @claudiacappo_ for working together to trap these babies. Thankful to @bellereece for assisting them with the drop trap. Thankful to @petcommunitycenter for everything from lending traps, giving meds + giving them a place to decompress for a few days (and maybe additional gratitude is needed for attempting to get the escapee kitten from the car dashboard 🤦🏻‍♀️). A cliche, but it truly takes a village.

We just have a few more days left in our fundraiser and would humbly ask for your donations to assist us with these 3 surprise kittens. If you don’t see an item of interest, you can select “donate” in the upper hand corner, which is purely a monetary donation. If you are not able to donate, we would be thankful if you could share this with your friends and family. @kittenitwithkiki said.


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The orangies are still learning to be friends, which means they only get the coveted wet food when I’m around. They soon will learn that they like humans… cause humans being them yummy food.

If you’d like to be a human they like, they’d appreciate if you sent them a snack or two! Easiest way is to send digital gift cards to or by purchasing food directly off our Amazon Wishlist on

PS: Notice how the sound says look at the cat, not the lack of baseboards. Fixer upper problems. @kittenitwithkiki said.

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