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kitten Symphony was confiscated yesterday with another cat who was not his mother. But based on how thin he is, my guess is that he hardly knew his mother. (sad ending..)


kitten Symphony was confiscated yesterday

In this carrier, snuggled up to a @calmeroos heartbeat kitty, is a tiny newborn kitten pulled from animal control last night.

Symphony was confiscated yesterday with another cat who was not his mother. But based on how thin he is, my guess is that he hardly knew his mother. He’s being tube fed around the clock since he doesn’t want to eat and I am happy to say that his energy levels have slowly increased throughout the day. We need to get him up from 80g to what he should weigh, which is around 110g. @themarigoldkittencrew said.


I’ve been tryin’ real hard to post an update on Symphony, but he is somehow the most adorable yet unphotogenic kitten in the world, these partially-blurry photos are one of hundreds in my camera roll lol.

He’s still very little and fragile, but the good updates are…he has eyes and he eats on his own without a tube now! Woohoo! #growbabygrow @themarigoldkittencrew said.

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Symphony had a rough start to life, so it’s no surprise that he isn’t a super chonk yet but he’s still kind of…frail. He’s at the end of two weeks old now, he has a good appetite, and the loudest purrs. But I have got my eye. on. him. Something about him just makes me nervous and I don’t really know what.🧐 @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Volume up for tiny kitten purrs. Symphony weighed in a whopping 174 grams today! Conclusion: still smol. But the thiccening doesn’t happen overnight…little by little. He’ll get there! And eventually his size will match his big personality.♥️ @themarigoldkittencrew said.

When did Symphony become my easiest foster kitten?🤔 @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Update: unfortunately he lost his battle early this morning after showing no improvement through the night.💔

Within 24 hours of a decreased appetite, Symphony is once again fighting for his life in a losing battle. I initially hoped that his lack of appetite was due to teething, but as he lost muscle mass it was clear something else was going on. It is unclear to me if this is panleuk or if this is a malfunctioning gut…something that has killed several of my previous kittens rapidly without a clear fix. Telltale signs? Bloating, slow digestion, and blood sugar crashing. Essentially his digestive system quits and stops taking in nutrients properly—it has happened in kittens who began life with starvation or lack of nutrition. While he was improving, his BCS was never where is should’ve been and he had not had a normal BM since he came to me.

He has all the medications in the PL protocol just in case, but considering he has been under strict quarantine I do fear that this is not what he is struggling with especially with a negative test. This photo was taken in the morning and unfortunately does not reflect his current worsened state. That’s all. I don’t really know how to describe the awful but familiar fear I have for him.💔 @themarigoldkittencrew said.

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