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Introducing the newest kitten crew members… Winifred Mary Sarah Binx They are currently 4 days old and seem to be doing really well🤞🏻


Introducing the newest kitten crew members…
kitten Winifred
kitten Mary
kitten Sarah
kitten Binx
They are currently 4 days old and seem to be doing really well🤞🏻 @orphanedkitty_corner said.
**Hocus Pocus Update**
What a different a week makes!

kitten Mary (upper left) is still the smallest but one of the loudest and won 2nd place in the eyeball race.

kitten Sarah (upper right) is the biggest chonk but still doesn’t have her eyes fully open.

kitten Winifred (lower left) is such a laid back sweet pea and 3rd to win the eyeball race. She is also starting to get a couple small white spots.

kitten Binx (lower right) is growing like a weed and was this first to win the eyeball race!

All of these guys are doing great and eating like crazy. @orphanedkitty_corner said.
I never fail to be amazed by watching kittens eye color change and trying to guess what color they will end up…I am thinking Miss Winifred will have green 💚 eyes. What do you think? @orphanedkitty_corner said.
Let’s Fill the Tummies Tuesday!

Hocus Pocus has officially started weaning on their 5 week birthday! Kittens eat alot of food so they can work on that 🥑 bod and grow big and strong for their new families. Let’s see if we can raise $100 to feed them for a couple of weeks. Also wanted to show off the new fundraiser status we have. @orphanedkitty_corner said.

What a difference 3 weeks make! The Hocus Pocus crew is doing so well fat and happy little tummies. They have all started weaning and have almost sworn off the bottle, using the litterbox 90% of the time and have found out you shouldn’t snort water up your little nose. Please check out the fundraiser in my bio so we can keep the tummies full. Thank you all for your support! @orphanedkitty_corner said.


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