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Say hello to our newest group of fosters nervous kittens mama Stella and her four black and white boys Dew, Mist, Foggarty and Raven. The boys are estimated to be four weeks old and weigh a tiny 215 to 350 grams when they should weigh 450 to 550 grams 😔


Hello 👋 hello up there kittens 🥺

Say hello to our newest group of fosters nervous mama Stella and her four black and white boys Dew, Mist, Foggarty and Raven.

The boys are estimated to be four weeks old and weigh a tiny 215 to 350 grams when they should weigh 450 to 550 grams 😔

As you can probably see they’re also recovering from cat flu and I’m medicating them and applying eye cream twice a day.

I’m hoping the meds will start to make a difference quickly and everyone’s appetite will pick up 🤞

Please welcome Stella and her boys to the family and send positive thoughts that everyone starts to put on weight quickly 🙏💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When you’re finally feeling safe and warm 🥰

Happy weekend from mama Stella – and ignore my foster voice 😆

After a loud and scary first day in foster pretty new foster mama Stella is starting to settle in.

She spent the day hiding under the cupboards and has now graduated to sleeping in the cat tree beside her kitten’s pen.

She doesn’t seem to be feeling that well and isn’t spending as much time with the kittens as I’d like. But now that it’s the weekend and much quieter I’m hoping she will come out a bit more.

Despite her nerves she’s a very cuddly kitty and loves company. And she doesn’t mind me handling or medicating her kittens. Which always helps as squealing kittens can stress out a lot of mama cats.

She does usually come over to see what’s going on when I’m medicating them. And she likes to sleep in a spot where she can still see her babies play and eat.

Check out today’s story to see Stella’s babies settling into their new pen.

Happy – long for those in Aus – weekend @nxxbliss.fosters said.

⚠️ Warning – cutest cat fight ever 🙈

Happy tiny whiskers Wednesday 🤗

I can’t decide if I like the paw biting or the paw to the face better 🤔

But I do love seeing our little cuties having fun and starting to act like normal kitties again.

It’s amazing how quickly they’ve improved in just a few days with their eyes looking far better already.

Hopefully they’ll keep improving and we’ll start to see their little personalities shine through 🥰 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Wait for it – Upright is optional 🤣

Our little fluffy family is full of energy this morning and ready for the weekend to start early.

But they’ve got to get through a vet appointment this afternoon first.

I’m hoping the vet will be pleased with everyone’s progress and we won’t need to restart medicating Dew Mist or Foggarty. They are all a little sniffly still but are full of energy and eating well.

Raven will be on his meds for a few days longer but is looking much better each day.

Hopefully the vet agrees 🤞

Happy nearly the weekend 🤗💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

I’m ready for my close up 📷 #mist

Now that the kittens are starting to feel better it’s fun to see their different personalities.

Little Mist here is a complete cuddle bug and rushes over to say hello whenever I visit.

And as soon as I touch him he falls over for his cuddles.

He’s gaining weight well and is enjoying eating solid food even if it does stain his pretty white fur. But they’ll fade once he gets the hang of not burying his face in his food 😺

Happy new week 🥰💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Lazy morning snuggles 🥰

Catching our four cuddly cuties snuggled up together isn’t easy as they usually all jump up to say hello.

But I was lucky to catch them in a lazy mood before the hello rush 😁

Or maybe they just weren’t hungry so didn’t need to rush me demanding food 😸

I hope you enjoy the lazy cuteness 💖 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can we play now? #Foggarty

How cute does Foggarty look coordinating with the blanket 🥰

Goofy little Foggarty is the biggest of our kittens and I think he’ll be the first to escape the pen.

He’s always trying to jump the sides or looking for a way out as he’s ready to explore the big wide world of the kitten room.

He was the slowest of the kittens to decide he likes me but now he’s always happy to give me a cuddle.

He’s also able to sleep anywhere and through anything which is a good trait to have with lots of hyper siblings.

Check out his cute sleeping style in today’s story. @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Mama and baby kitty love time 🥰

Our sweet mama cat Stella is over her flu and coping well with being confined to the kitten room with her babies.

She isn’t the easier kitty to catch on camera as she’s still quite nervous and always seems suspicious when the camera points her way.

She loves a cuddle but is still a little worried that she’ll be hit. And she gets very nervous when there’s more than one person walking around the room.

But she’s starting to relax more and is enjoying the chase the toy games we play so hopefully we’ll be able to help her get a bit more confidence soon.

Check her and her babies out on today’s story. @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Happy Friday 🥳🎉

Looks like a kitten, sounds like a puppy #mist 🐶

Little cutie Mist is still learning how to meow for my attention.

And he seems to think that sounding different to his siblings will help.

So he makes strange little yapping noises that sound far more like my neighbours dogs than any of the cats in the house.

He might grow out of it but it’s so cute that I had to share.

You can hear a bit more at the end of today’s Story. @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Happy puppy love weekend 😽💞

Apparently it’s a camera free zone #Dew 🚫📷🤣

Cute little Dew is fascinated with my phone and likes to try grab it whenever he can.

So I couldn’t resist sharing this clip of him trying to bop the camera as much as he could 😆

I’m already obsessed with this cute little cuddle bug and his adorable eye patch but isn’t his ‘give me that’ catitude just the best?

We hope Dew’s close up cuteness gets your week off to a great start

Happy new week 😽💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Cuddle buddy cuteness 🥰
#dew #raven #cuddlesandkisses

Our cute kitties had a pen upgrade yesterday to give them some more room to bounce around.

They also got a scratcher to play with that Raven and Dewclaimed straight away but Mist and Foggarty thought looked scary.

Everyone eventually started to play but kept falling into their water bowl and rolling the scratcher over on top of each other.

So to stop anyone getting hurt I swapped it out for something more stable but a bit less fun.

Check out my story to see them enjoy the scratcher while they could.

Raven was playing as well but was over to the side cleaning himself after landing in water 🙊

Happy cuddly buddy Tuesday 😽 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Mama’s love but wait for the slap down 😸💝

I love seeing mama cats and their babies together for all the sweet cuddles and washes.

And sweet mama Stella with chubby little Mist makes my heart melt. Right up to that little slap down that makes me laugh every time.

Stella and I are still building up trust and she’s started to climb over me to sit behind me on the sofa.

She doesn’t stay long and I always show her I’m about to fuss her which gives her a chance to turn her head A little to make her feel safer.

Check out my story to see what I mean

It takes a long time to rebuild trust with an animal that’s expecting to be treated badly but Stella’s doing really well.

She will sometimes go into a submissive position on her back but I’m always careful to keep my hand by her head so she doesn’t feel threatened.

Hopefully with time and lots more play and cuddle sessions our sweet mama will be ready to find her new family 🤞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Can it be a stay in bed sort of day? #dew #Foggarty

It’s a week of cold and wet weather here in Brisbane and the kittens spending it snuggled up warm in between bursts of energy.

Not that they’ve all started to gain weight I’ve switched them to a general kitten food instead of the weaning food I use when they first start to eat.

It means we’ve a couple of days of low weight gain while they adjust but I’m hoping they’ll bounce back once their systems get used to the change.

Check out Mist’s unusual eating habit in today’s story as he enjoys some softened dry food.

Happy stay in bed purrsday 🤗💞 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When Friday the 13th has you spooked 👻

Foggarty might be the biggest kitty in his litter but he’s also the most nervous.

He hangs back and let’s his brothers explore new things first and runs away when I’m making noise cleaning his pen while everyone else runs towards me to see what they can play with.

But my big goofy fluffball is a complete sweetie and loves a cuddle and a little bit of caution in a kitten isn’t always a bad thing😄

Happy Friday/nearly Friday 😘💕 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When feet have minds of their own 😸 #Foggarty

Cute little Foggarty gave me a fright yesterday when I couldn’t find him in his pen or anywhere in the kitten room.

I eventually found him curled up asleep in the cubby above the one his mama Stella uses after he had worked out how to escape the kitten pen.

Poor Stella isn’t impressed with his new skills as she’s not ready to see her babies take over the kitten room.

So I’ve changed the pen to try keep him in for a few more days but poor stella will need to adjust to the reality that her babies are about to be let loose and will be looking for trouble to get into.

Here’s hoping that won’t be too stressful for her 🤞 as Foggarty is ready to take on the world whatever his mama thinks 🙈

Happy weekend 😽💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Watch where you put that tail 🙈

I keep missing my chance to catch all four of our kitten cuties curled up together in bed as they like to jump up to play with me when I get close.

But Dew and Foggarty decided to stay where they were for just long enough this morning.

I did also manage to catch Fog and Mist having fun washing little messy eater Raven after his meal.

Raven still buries his face in his food and often stands in it so there’s a lot to clean.

They’re in today’s story if you want to check out their ‘helpful’ clean up attempts 😆

Happy tuxie Tuesday 🤗💙 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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