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Brought these 2 kitten home for the night. My heart is absolutely broken. I took these babies in at just a few days old and after making it through the first few nights, they were placed with another experienced foster.


Brought these two kitten home for the night. My heart is absolutely broken. I took these babies in at just a few days old and after making it through the first few nights, they were placed with another experienced foster.

Experience isn’t everything.

Sign up to foster. Please. We need you. We need your help.

DISCLAIMER: My words and posts do not in any way represent the shelter I am employed by. I have my own opinions and thoughts, and I will continue to share my foster journey (the good AND the bad) here on my personal Instagram. @fostermotherofkittens said.

kitten kitten

Dexter and Deedee enjoying the afternoon sunspot during their nebulizer treatment. ☺️😍☀️

I won’t say these two are thriving, but they are definitely feeling better already. It’s amazing what a few days of antibiotics and some nebulizer treatments can do. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m pretty happy with how far we’ve already come. @fostermotherofkittens said.


Poor Deedee is still very congested. Listening to her *try* to breathe is breaking my heart. We are currently doing antibiotics twice a day. Saline/epinephrine drops in the nose. Steamy shower sessions. Nasal aspiration before each meal. Nebulizer with saline 2-3 times a day.

She WANTS to live. She is still excited to eat, even though she can only eat so much before she has to take a break to breathe. She is maintaining weight. She is playful. If anyone has any other tips for knocking this damn mucous out of her, I’m all ears.

Dexter (not pictured) is doing really well!! He is still on antibiotics, but his congestion is almost completely cleared up! @fostermotherofkittens said.


OV: You’re the tag on the inside of a very messy kitten playpen 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

Dexter is almost 100% better at this point. Deedee was not doing well for a few days, which had me very concerned. Her congestion was horrible. She could barely breathe and it was absolutely awful. After some aggressive treatment, she is able to breathe much better. She is still sniffling and sneezing, but that’s better than all that gunk just being stuck in her chest. She is also OBVIOUSLY feeling better 🥰😊 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Dexter is the goofiest little turd. He is one of the biggest babies I’ve ever had a hand in raising. He should absolutely be off the bottle by now, but he is really holding out on me. I’m hesitant to just cut him off the bottle cold turkey due to the circumstances he came to me in. I love this little brat so much 😍😭 @fostermotherofkittens said.


Deedee is still dealing with some upper respiratory symptoms, BUT she doesn’t let it hold her back ONE bit. She has the cutest little attitude. She acts big and tough but will melt into a puddle of purrs when I give her *sigh of defeat* a warm bottle and some snuggles.

I typically don’t bottle feed this long, but these two came to me in pretty rough shape and at this point I’m just feeding them whatever they will eat.

The URIs are kicking my butt this season. Is anyone else seeing URIs in every kitten they come by, or is it just my luck?? @fostermotherofkittens said.




This photo deserves its own post, because JUST LOOK AT HER. ugh I love this little stinker so much 😭😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.
When all else fails… freeze dried chicken.

I’m typically not a fan of seeing food aggression in kittens, but at this point, seeing Deedee interested in anything besides the bottle is enough to make my whole night.

Don’t worry Deeders, there’s plenty more chicken where that came from!!! @fostermotherofkittens said.

Freeze dried chicken and baby food may not be sustainable long term, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Finally. @fostermotherofkittens said.

Look at this ✨ H A M ✨

Ugh. I’m so stinking proud of you Dexter. As miserable as this job makes me feel sometimes, I know you wouldn’t still be with us if I hadn’t been there BOTH times you came in to the shelter trying to die. We did it buddy. Now we just gotta get rid of those trouble nuggets and find you a forever fam. I love you, my needy little wild boi. 💕 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Tuesday is GOODBYE, and you better not come back this time, mister. #goodbyeisthegoal

kitten kitten kitten kitten

My sweet and sour little Deeders 😍

It was my first week on the job when you and your sister came in. I’d never seen a kitten in such rough shape as your sissy. We all knew she was too far gone and it broke my heart knowing you were going to be raised alone. Things don’t always go the way we want them to, but I am grateful that you and Dex both came in that day. I’m so glad you had eachother to grow with.

The URI you came in with the second time really had me on edge. I honestly wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. You fought so hard with me, and now look at you. I’m so freaking proud of you, you sassy little thing. @fostermotherofkittens said.

Tuesday is surgery day, and I can’t believe I’ll be saying goodbye for real this time. But that IS always the goal. I love you so much Deedee, and your forever fam will be lucky to have many many years with you 💕 #goodbyeisthegoal

kitten kitten kitten
Two VERY different purrsonalities 😍😂 @fostermotherofkittens said.

SASS 😳😂 @fostermotherofkittens said.

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