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A formal introduction for cat Huey. 1 Huey arrived Monday evening from a colony being TNR’d by our friends at @trapdatcat because he had a serious fecal impaction (sad ending…)


A formal introduction for cat Huey. Huey arrived Monday evening from a colony being TNR’d by our friends at @trapdatcat because he had a serious fecal impaction (if you saw our stories you know). After expressing/massaging similar to the way we help Rhu potty, we were able to relieve most of the pressure. Unfortunately, the straining continued and even with some improvement his booty hasn’t been able to resolve on it’s own. As you can imagine, this causes him a great deal of discomfort.

cat Huey has been at the vet since early Friday afternoon. On first assessment, the vet concluded what we had initially thought: that severe dehydration, heavy worm load, etc was the cause. So goes enema number one. Then more straining and continued accumulation. Onto the X-ray. Turns out our little guy has a large mass of stool right near his bum. So goes enema number two. And well, Huey has been receiving an enema every four hours since and will continue to stay at the vet until he is fully cleared. Our hope, though we wouldn’t dare get our hopes up, is that once he is empty the issue will resolve.

However, if it does not, we are not looking at a good prognosis and we will likely elect for humane euthanasia. If you saw how much pain pottying causes him, it would break your heart and you would understand. @tomatofosterclub said.

All that said, right now only time will tell so keep this little guy in your thoughts 🧡

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cat Huey needs a hero.

Huey has been at the emergency vet for the past few days while they worked to empty all the contents of his tummy and finally today we were given the OK to pick him up. Do we know why this little guy was in the condition he was? No, but if all goes well over the next few weeks we can safely assume it was a combination of being a sad little street kitty eating whatever he could get his little paws on, dehydration and constipation. He is still quite inflamed and sore so he is on a daily stool softener while his bum heals. If the inflammation and accumulation return after he is taken off his meds then we’re told he can safely continue them until we’re at a point that he is big enough to undergo surgery. This is all really good news and news we were not expecting.

cat Huey is now back with one of our experienced fosters, but he cannot stay there. Huey needs a committed foster for at least two weeks for quarantine. Can you be Huey’s hero? If you’re not in a position to foster, please share. @tomatofosterclub said.



We lost two sweet orange boys last week. Edgar whose loss was so unexpected and Huey who we sadly realized we would ultimately be saying goodbye to. It was just sooner than we anticipated.

Their time was short but these two orangies couldn’t have been loved more 🧡🧡 @tomatofosterclub said.

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